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Simon Lester

Associate Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies

Taking on China

It would be nice if someone would eventually "take on" China, in the sense of adopting an approach to trade policy that encourages China to liberalize.


Is the Trump Administration Pushing for a Cold War with China?

I haven't collected the full range of quotes from Trump administration officials, to see what each person thinks. But it seems to me there is some good evidence that at least a few high-ranking Trump administration officials are pretty enthusiastic about something Cold War-ish with China.


Any Excuse to Raise Tariffs

The Trump administration wants to end duty-free imports for some developing countries under GSP, but rather than reforming the program, it seems like the Trump administration is simply looking for opportunities to raise tariffs.


Some Questions for the Democrats on Trade

People hoping that Democratic politicians will become enthusiastic proponents of trade liberalization may end up being disappointed. But there is a chance that they will move away from the confrontational, unilateralist, protectionist approach of the Trump administration.